Tanimu Sada To Be Charged To Court For Verbal Threat, Forceful Intimidation & Attacking Cigari’s Son Usman Mamman Dee


Hon. Tanimu Sada Senior Special Adviser to Governor Aminu Bello Masari In fresh trouble that have feasible legal implication after betrayal of trust, forceful intimidation, verbal threats & using political thugs to attack brutally the son of Cigarin Katsina Usman Bello Mamman Dee at the SA’s guest house in Bayajidda road, Katsina.

Witnesses and individuals involved spoke to our correspondent that Hon. Taminu Sada promised to allocate removed street lights batteries to Usman Mamman Dee, Sani Danyaro & Mal. Abdulaziz at the cost of N1million.

The sum of N250, 000.00 was transferred to Tanimu Sada’s GTB bank account while the remaining N750, 000, 00 was delivered in cash to the SA according to them.

Six month after payment the SA neither picks their calls nor reply their text messages which prompt them to demand their money back.

Usman Mamman Dee employed peaceful options available to him in compelling Tanimu Sada to return back their money.

He reported the issue to his father (Mamman Dee), an elder statesman, a top high ranking member of the Katsina emirate council to intervene and salvage the issue which was unsuccessful.

Last week Friday Usman and his friend Babawo visited Tanimu Sada at his guest house in Bayajidda road. Usman told him they were at his residence to inquire about their money, when suddenly Tanimu Slapped him in the face, and locked him up in his bedroom where he threatened to call the commissioner of police Katsina state command to arrest Usman without any clear motive as to WHAT warrants such abuse and maltreatment.

Subsequently, Tanimu Sada invited political thugs named Nda and one other whom kept striking and punching Usman in Tanimu Sada’s bedroom. It took the intervention of one woman whom kept pleading with the SA’s via a telephone before he finally ordered that Usman be released.

Usman Mamman Dee has reported the incidence to the Deputy Commissioner of police Katsina state command and proceedings for filling a legal action against the Hon. Tanimu Sada in a competent court of law is under way.

It could be recall some time ago Tanimu was involved in a pictorial scandal that expresses loyalty and solidarity to former Gov. Ibrahim Shema which top APC officials and top cabinet members finds it inappropriate, insulting and a pictorial betrayal to Gov. Aminu Bello Masari.

Witnesses and affected individuals vowed to release all necessary Bank transactions tellers and evidences that will bring justice to the oppressed.





2 thoughts on “Tanimu Sada To Be Charged To Court For Verbal Threat, Forceful Intimidation & Attacking Cigari’s Son Usman Mamman Dee

  1. But to me what he did is very wrong and uncalled full for a house member like him. But his loyalty to Gov Ibrahim shema is ok bcs he has right to do so and is good to show respect to the ppl that deserves to be respectful

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