Police Officers To Petition DSP Bamayi Of 20pms Ikeja, Lagos To Senate Commitee On Police Affairs & IGP


Nigerian police officers have called on Senator Abu Ibrahim who is the committee chairman of police affairs and the inspector general of police to look into activities of DSP Bamayi and officers attached to his office in 20pms Ikeja, Lagos.

Our source who does not want to be mentioned told our correspondent how one DSP Bamayi demand officers assigned to beats at 20 PMS in Ikeja Lagos for an increase in return money for officers under his control/command.

Two sergeants police officer who revealed to our source on how they pay DSP Bamayi N7000 each every week when they get paid for their allowances, and now he has demanded that they should increase the amount to N12, 000 which they will be left with no option than to write a petition to the Inspector general of Police and Senator Abu Ibrahim to investigate and intervene with matter of urgency.

The officers disclosed to our source on how DSP Bamayi makes N285,000,00 every week and wonder why he should asked them to pay him much money.

Our source gave this information under strong condition of anonymity due to the nature of their job but they vow to testify when authority intervenes so as to salvage the situation.


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