Breaking News | Katsina APC House Of Reps Member Hon. Babangida To Join PDP

Hon Babangida to Join Mustapha Radda & TATA in PDP

APC party in Malumfashi & Kafur have suspended federal house of representative member representing Malumfashi/Kafur from the party.

The two constituency party leaders Alh Samaila Garba and Alh Yahuza Musa said the member Hon Babangida Ibrahim Mahuta have uttered words that were deem disrespectful to His Excellency Rt.Hon. Aminu Bello Masari during an event in Katsina.

They said he is not obedient to party elders that call the shots according to them and his disloyalty to Governor Masari left them with no option than to suspend him from the party.

They added that Hon. Babangida does not participate in any official party activities

it was reported that Hon. Muhammed Mahuta did not attend Northwest APC leaders meeting held in Katsina that has in attendance all northwest party stakeholders.

His current actions lately prompted Gov. Aminu Bello Masari to urged party leaders in the region to find a way to harmonize their relationship in order to avoid any division at a time when the opposition party PDP is gaining grounds in the state.

Recently, APC has lost so much popularity in Katsina State entirely when one of the most influential youth politicians that strategizes Masari 2015 election decamped to PDP together with the powerful Umaru Abdullahi TATA.

With current suspension of Hon. Babangida Mahuta from the party, it will certainly cause a big blow to APC and a welcomed development to PDP as reports reaching Katsinareporters that PDP and Hon. Babangida Mahuta are in talks for a possible partnership.

Will Hon. Babangida join the wagon of TATA & Mustapha Radda or will he remain in a party that humiliates him and seems to be fading in popularity in the hearts of Katsina People.

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